Huetrap Mens Printed Launch Navy Sleeveless Round Neck T-Shirt

Rs. 429.00 Rs. 1,299.00

Sleeve Length
Introducing the Navy Blue Printed Scoop Neck T-shirt, a stylish and comfortable piece from the Huetrap Tshirts collection. Designed with a loose fit and made of soft, well-structured cotton fabric, this T-shirt is perfect for casual occasions. It features a trendy floral print pattern that covers the chest area and is available in a single multipack set. In the stunning Launch Navy color, this T-shirt boasts a RGR-Basketball Sleeveless style that looks great on men. The scoop neck adds an extra layer of style to this piece and is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed fit. With a regular length, this T-shirt won't bunch up or ride up during daily activities. This Huetrap T-shirt is machine washable for easy care and is durable enough to withstand many wash cycles. The navy blue coloring and no sleeve styling make it perfect for warmer weather, while the printed floral pattern adds a stylish touch. Pair this Men Navy Blue Printed Scoop Neck T-shirt with slimmer pants and chukka boots for a modern and comfortable look that is perfect for grabbing a quick meal with friends or attending a casual outing. With its superior comfort and stylish design, you'll love being the proud owner of this Huetrap T-shirt.